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After being teased at her old school for her allergy to gluten, Zena is worried that her friends at her new school will do the same. When everyone pulls out sandwiches for lunch, Zena decides to skip eating all together, leaving her tummy quite noisy throughout her afternoon class. Follow Zena as she overcomes her fear of being made fun of and help her discover that she is not the only one with an allergy.

About the author: As a child, Hannah loved being read to, but was not a fan of reading on her own. One day, Hannah's father read her a story about a little polar bear which sparked her love for them. Fast forward to 15 years later and Betty the Polar Bear was born. Hannah is delighted to share this unique series with you that addresses real life situations that children go through. Not only does Hannah guarantee that you will fall in love with each of the characters, but that you will want to read each story over and over again.

24 pages

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