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Sr. Jayn's Clay is handcrafted by our Sr. Jayn Lein. Each piece reflects the fruits of vulnerable, genuine prayer. 
"I never know what I'm going to make. It truly comes out of my prayer, I just fold the clay over until it comes is a holy time for me." -Sr. Jayn. 
The title and quote reflects the piece and "the message of the clay."

 Sr. Jayn uses self hardening clay that is sculpted, dried, and sanded. While they are not meant to interact with or hold water, they are meant to be touched and handled. The oil from our hands add depth, richness and highlights, allowing the piece to continue to evolve as we do. 
"It is an object of prayer for me, I hope it is an object of prayer for you also." - Sr. Jayn.

The Embrace
4.5" H x 2" W x 2" D

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