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We Will Be Together is an original composition by Sister Rose Wildeman, OSB. Track length: 2:22

Text based on John 14; Text and music by Sister Rose Wildeman, OSB


Stillpoint is a group of Benedictine sisters who share the belief that music can praise God, create community, and touch the human spirit. Individually, they are teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, and pastoral ministers, but as Stillpoint they minister to others through their music. The songs of Stillpoint are original compositions, written during times of retreat and other periods of deep and personal communion with God. The journey of each human heart presses onward toward a greater faith, a greater hope, and a greater love. The music of Stillpoint praises the Giver of all gifts, the Timeless God, who works within us to free a people from fear, hopelessness, and oppression.

Composers on Time Made Holy CD:
Anita Louise Lowe, OSB: Guitar, Solo, Vocals
Rose Wildeman, OSB: Guitar, Recorder, Solo, Vocals
Brenda Engleman, OSB: Guitar, Solo, Vocals
Mary Louise Uebelhor, OSB: Piano

Other Musicians:
Ann Francis Hillenbrand, OSB: Tambourine, Vocals
Geraldine Hedinger, OSB: Vocals
Karlene Sensmeier, OSB: Bass
Mary Frances Schafer, OSB: Timpani, Vocals
Mary Joyce Trimble, OSB: Solo, Vocals
Michele Francis Preiser, OSB: Trumpet, Solo, Trio, Vocals
Dianne Fowler: Cellist
Cyndi Bickel: Harpist

© 1999, Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana, Inc.

Cover Photography: Sharon Hollander, OSB

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