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Our Hildegard Bundle includes an 8-oz package of Hildegard Mini Cookies, 4-oz Hildegard Cookies, 5x7" St Hildegard Icon print by Sister Jeana Visel

Makes a great gift for your customers, vendors, employees, or friends.


A remarkable woman of the Middle Ages, St. Hildegard was a Benedictine abbess, musician, artist, writer, and adviser to bishops, popes, and kings. As a scientist and healer, she promoted natural medicine that integrated physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. She proposed principles for a balanced diet and explored the medicinal uses of plants, animals, and trees. Our recipe for Hildegard cookies came from St. Hildegard herself, who recommended them for slowing the aging process, creating a cheerful countenance, lightening a heavy heart, and releasing intelligence.

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